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Since starting to work in the Square in mid-August, I'm trying to eat lunch at a new restaurant every day until I can't find any more. Here's my list of the Top Ten Lunch Restaurants in Harvard Square (Food Only). Got a suggestion on a new lunch spot for me? New Restaurants to Try in Harvard Square.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


73. 12-04 Casablanca Restaurant 40 Brattle Street. Summary: Outstanding food, leaves you hungry, cramped dining room, expensive.

My friend Howard and I ate at Casa-B's today, and we really enjoyed the food. Bread is pita with olive oil and salt and pepper; our salads had a nice mix of leaves and a sublte dressing; and I loved my bluefish cakes served on greens. Howard had lamb served on flatbread with a yoghurt sauce - he loved his entre as well. I'd have to say that the food here is top five in the whole Square.

That said, the portions were quite modest. I'm all in favor of European-style portions - I'm convinced that's how Europeans in general stay thin and on the flip side our huge portions are why Americans tend to be overweight. But, I was mighty hungry later in the afternoon, so I think Casablanca is pushing it on portion size.

That said, the atmosphere is a bit stifling. We ate in the open area, where tables are very close to one another. At one point another diner "shh-ed" Howard - how often do you hear of that happening? In New York, all restaurants are like this, and everyone just yells and doesn't worry about it. I recommend a booth if you can grab one.

The meal - appetizer, entre, and a lemonade, cost $28 per person. Pretty expensive.


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