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Since starting to work in the Square in mid-August, I'm trying to eat lunch at a new restaurant every day until I can't find any more. Here's my list of the Top Ten Lunch Restaurants in Harvard Square (Food Only). Got a suggestion on a new lunch spot for me? New Restaurants to Try in Harvard Square.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dolphin Seafood

66. 12-4 Dolphin Seafood 1105 Massachusetts Ave. Summary: Very nice meal, a bit expensive.

Dolphin Seafood has been around a long time. It upgraded quite a while ago - perhaps ten years? - and since then I've always considered it 'upscale.' The prices certainly are in line with this designation, but the location - a bit outside of the heart of the Square - and the inside ambience, which is unremarkable, are inconsistent with the high prices.

My friend Bom and I shared a two person luncheon special; we each had seafood bisque, then I had the blackened catfish with rice and salad, and then I had a dessert that unfortunately I can't remember (doesn't say much for it!). I enjoyed all the food. The service was fine. Bom enjoyed his food as well.

So no complaints, except the price seems high for the location and ambience. $17 per person.


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