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Monday, November 27, 2006

Fire and Ice

58. 11-17 Fire and Ice, Church Street. Summary: Better than expected, all happy with food.

I've been to Fire and Ice a number of times, always with my kids. For some reason, kids love this restaurant. I think it's because you have total control over what ends up on your plate - you pick out all the raw ingredients (including lots of meat, which kids love), plus your sauce, and then you get to watch the chefs cook it in front of you, while you hang out with your buds around the enormous griddle.

So I had low expectations when our group of six adults went. But, it turned out well, because adults have a better idea of portions and how to balance a meal, so no one pigged out on just meat (which kids always seem to do). The chefs cooked the food fine - usually it's overcooked so they don't have problems with undercooked food. I had a nice salad plus jerk chicken, noodles, and some veggies cooked together.

Worked out to $12 per person, including tip. An ususual dining experience, great for kids, OK for adults.


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