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Monday, October 16, 2006

Broadway Market: Salad Bar

39. 10-16 Broadway Market, 335 Broadway Street. Summary: Excellent, if quirky, salad bar.

I can't believe it took me two months to remember Broadway Market. Back in Needham, my colleagues and I would walk nearly every day to Zathmary's on Highland to pick through their excellent salad bar; once it closed, we were left with lame offerings at Sudbury Farms. But lo and behold, Broadway Market has an excellent salad bar - so we're all happy. All five of us partook.

$4.99/pound, which is a reasonable price. Four kinds of lettuce, including fresh spinach (we all looked at eachother and went for it, despite the deaths a few weeks ago from fresh spinach coming out of California. How long do you need to be scared? We can't keep living in a 'culture of fear'!) - and then an interesting variety of veggies, plus yoghurt and granola and raisins and nuts and fruit. Plus I found some guacamole in a separate are to add to the salad.

$6.50 total, very tasty, everyone was happy. Next time at Broadway I'll try their sandwiches, and then their hot foods. A three-fer!


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