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Since starting to work in the Square in mid-August, I'm trying to eat lunch at a new restaurant every day until I can't find any more. Here's my list of the Top Ten Lunch Restaurants in Harvard Square (Food Only). Got a suggestion on a new lunch spot for me? New Restaurants to Try in Harvard Square.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cambridge 1

15. 9-7 Cambridge 1 on Church St. Posh pizza place, modern/dark with great view out back window toward cemetery. All servers are wearing black - gives you an immediate feeling that you've entered a "hip" place. Had basic pizza and iceberg lettuce salad(!) - and enjoyed both very much. Pizza is wafer-thin, underside of crust charred from wood fire, but toppings are top quality and sprinkled on in clumps - surprises in every bite.

This is the classic "how the Square has changed" restaurant - ten-fifteen years ago, Cambridge 1 wouldn't have made it. But as the Square has gentrified, so has the taste of the population become more sophisticated - and wallets are more full, so people are willing to pay $13 for a super thin pizza and a wedge of iceberg lettuce (I seem to recall that "Double Spud" - One Potato/Two Potato, where Grafton Street is now - used to offer a similar 'salad' - I remember as a child being amused at the lack of preparation needed to make a wedge of salad - essentially one swipe of a cleaver!)

Bit expensive, $13.


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